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Donkey of Desire

The Donkey of Desire

by Kate Stein from Cultivate Confidence
Seventeen years Nursing and 15 years as a Midwife has given Kate Stein, the foundations necessary to work with women wanting more in their life. Founding her own Hypnotherapy and Massage Business in 2016, Hypno Healing & Massage, Kate has continued to strive towards helping women to get further faster along their personal journey to a state of innate happiness.
Fulfilling the teachings and initiation, in 2019 as an Erotic Maven, Kate has developed an exciting new platform for women seeking further growth and development of their spiritual and sexual self.
This has evolved over time incorporating her knowledge and experience as Tai Chi instructor, massage therapist, essential oils wellness coach, holistic human development, results coach and farmer.
Kate calls a spade a spade and believes that if you give yourself permission to call it a digging utensil you wouldn’t be wrong. Everything in life just is as it is, or as it appears for you.