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Now is the time to set the foundation,

shape your routine,

nurture your family connection and

achieve your goal of a calm & happy home.

Say goodbye to nagging, and say hello to the family life you always imagined

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Mission Connect gives you the understanding and resources to keep your children connected and your family life thriving. Learn and understand the principles of positive parenting, then have the support to stay on track and tackle the challenges of parent life.

With Connection as the focus, we will encourage personal growth, fun, independence and allow your family to feel and act like a team.

“Adapting to parenting with Positive Discipline has been life changing for my family. It has been especially helpful for dealing with my youngest child that has ADHD. It has been amazing how a few changes made such a different to calmness and happiness of our whole family.”

Hi, my name is Rachel, certified Results Coach and the Mum behind Mission Magnets and Mission Connect.

I created my very first set of magnets as a way to stop my morning routine of nagging and yelling at my children. This led me on journey of researching child behaviour, psychology and brain development with a special interest in ADHD and emotional regulation.   With a passion for learning I am now certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator with an additional accreditation in ‘Keeping the Joy in Relationships”.

I managed to turn my family life around and I’m passionate about helping you do the same. My girls are now 11/13 and are entering a notoriously tricky stage of parenting but I am proud to say our family has never been so connected and we all feel ready to deal with any struggles life throws at us. We are a family team.

I developed Mission Connect to support parents of young children to strengthen their family connection and use positive parenting strategies incorporating visual routines. Allowing them to have a calm, happy home while raising independent, capable and resilient children.

Why is Routine and Consistency so important for our children?

Children don’t think about the day in hours and minutes like we do.
Children live in the ‘now’ and think of the days as a series of events.

Can you imagine if you got to work and you had no plan of what you were expected to do?

If you were just reliant on your manager telling you to do this and then do that.
Then often right in the middle of doing something you were told to stop that and start something new… immediately!!

What about if there were meetings suddenly sprung on you
and you never knew when your workday was going to end.

It doesn’t sound like a very fun workplace, does it?
Would you feel valued as an employee?  Would you feel empowered?
My guess is no, in fact I think you would feel frustrated and anxious
and start looking for a new job!

Well, this experience is what your child’s life is like
without a routine in place.

Stop being a micro-manager and start being a cheerleader

 Mission Connect is a holistic approach to your parenting journey
ALL parenting tools fall flat
without the fundamental foundation of connection.

I am passionate about helping families be the best they can be. I know first hand how soul-destroying it is when you are always at war with your child and your house feels like a battleground.

I understand the pressures of family life and I want to bring you the clarity you need to put a simple system in place to enable you to enjoy raising your children.

Primary school age is the best time to establish a strong connection and good communication with your child.

There will of course be changes in the teenage years which is why it is so important to set your family up with a good foundation now.

I distinctly remember a couple of years ago when our house was in chaos and I was constantly at odds with my youngest daughter.
I remember thinking…

“If my 8 year old child does not listen to us now what chance do we have at 13 and older”

The thought literally terrified me,
I looked ahead at the future and it looked bleak.

This is when I took proactive action and decided to turn my family around. Now I am happy to say we have a calm and happy home… most of the time!!


Mission Connect will support both you and your child, we understand raising children is a marathon not a sprint. Our focus is to set you up to be clear on your values and have a framework of problem solving solutions and good communication.  That way you can face all of the challenges that parent life presents… now and into the teenage years.

The Monthly Activity Packs/Family Activity teamed with extensive video lessons, live coaching calls and community support will allow you to continue to learn, grow and help you to stay consistent.

So often we make positive changes but our busy lives lead us to slip back into bad habits. Mission Connect will be there giving you encouragement and tools to help weave connection into your daily family life.

Clear and organised instructions and training incorporating the Mission Connect building blocks to help you with positive parenting strategies, implement a routine system or make the most of your existing one.

I want to take the overwhelm away not add to it so I will be giving you bite-sized and actionable tips and tricks to help you achieve a calm and happy home.

The Mission Connect learning is all self-paced to fit into your busy life.  Either work your way thru the building blocks or jump ahead to a challenge that you need an answer for.

Kid’s personal growth activities such as emotional intelligence, gratitude, resilience and self-confidence with help you to be your child’s emotional coach.


Monthly family connection activity is designed with busy families in mind. It will be easy and fun and not take too much time.

You will also have access to a closed Facebook group for parents so we can connect and share ideas. Monthly Facebook live Q&A and pack information.

Members-only website including video content and masterclasses from parenting experts from a variety of fields.

Interactive Coaching call where will explore Positive Discipline concepts including a parent problem solving session.

Activity sheets will be sent to your child each month with Mission Kids styled activities such as colouring, dot to dot and word searches etc.

Packs will have a focus on personal development, emotional intelligence, home life and daily activities.

Included in the activity packs are personal growth activities like goals, gratitude, understanding emotions and conversation starters.

Kids will love the Family activity which is always connection focused and supports a family team spirit. 

4 Mission Kids Stickers will be included every month


This video shows Coco doing a Mission Kids Activity – Positive Colouring

 The Mission Connect Building Blocks show you clear and easy to follow steps so you can get the results you desire. You can progress at your own pace in your own time.

Whether you are starting from scratch and wanting to set some routines and positive parenting practices in place or you are wanting to perfect your existing system and boost motivation you will be guided to the area you should be focusing on.

The building blocks guide you to establish a connection focused, positive parenting system within your home so your family can feel like a team.  Shifting your mindset to focus on solutions with your child so you can parent with confidence and understanding.

BUILDING BLOCKS – The foundation to achieving a Calm and Happy Home

1. Routine Recruit

You want to make changes so you can enjoy your family life and have a better connection with your children. You want a better routine and have trouble staying consistent. You are feeling overwhelmed and want your children to listen to you better. You want to know more about positive parenting and have a strong desire to feel more in control of your own emotions.

2. Listening Learner

You understand why routine is important and how it effects the well-being of your child. You are making positive changes with how your family listens and interacts with each other. You realise the value of family connection and are making it a part of your daily routine. You are learning the principles of positive parenting.

3. Caring Communicator

Your family is committed to developing a routine that works for everyone. You understand how your language and actions effect your child’s response and behaviour. You realise the importance of respectful communication and understand that behaviour is communication.

2. Awesome Action Taker

You realise the power of encouragement and focus on this as a priority. You understand that allowing your child opportunities to feel capable is the essence of building self-esteem. You have implemented a visual routine system and are helping your child to use it consistently. You understand that empathy is one of your most powerful parenting tools and make a point of Connection before Correction. You are focused on solutions and are trying to be come a proactive parent not a reactive one.

5. Positive Problem Solver

You use your family’s daily routine to teach life skills and strengthen everyone’s connection to each other. You use gamification as a way to engage your child and make less desirable tasks fun. You have implemented family meetings and are focused on solutions not problems.  You problem-solve WITH your child and focus on nurturing their needs of belonging and significance.

6. Mission Master

You enjoy positive parenting and routine is a natural part of your day to day life. You feel connected with your child, understand their feelings, and have good communication. Your family works as a team, everyone is clear of the expectations and life runs smoothly. You family implements a variety of problem solving solutions and feels equipped to deal with life’s challenges as a team.  You are committed to grow as a parent as your child develops and you understand that mistaken are opportunities to learn.

So, where do you fit within the Mission Connect Building Blocks?

Did you find yourself nodding and identifying with any of the foundation blocks?

Perhaps you connected with one block right away.

Perhaps you connect with many of the facets throughout the tower. 

The great thing about the building blocks is
they are focused on you making progress.

In fact, you might only need a few subtle adjustments
to what you’re currently doing in order to achieve your goal of
a Calm & Happy Home

When you become a
Member of Mission Connect
you will get access to:

Monthly Activity Pack

Kids Activity Pack with colouring, maze, spot the difference and personal growth etc. 

Monthly Family Activity

Mission Kids collectable stickers
(not included in digital-only package)

Actionable tips & strategies

Each month the building blocks library will be added to with new content to support your journey to a
Calm & Happy Home

Access to all existing video lessons and masterclasses.

Masterclasses with other parenting experts


Mission Connect Community

Be a part of something bigger so you can learn and grow within a caring, supportive and positive community.

Live walk-thru of the activity pack content

Personal support with our Monthly Zoom coaching call

Lifetime Pricing

Locked in price for as long as you wish to remain a member and your account remains in good standing.

However there is
cancel anytime

Some answers to the things that may be on your mind…

Who is Mission Connect For?

Mission Connect is for families that are willing to embrace parenting with a focus on connection, routine, fun, firm boundaries, empathy and consistency.

It is for you if you:-

  • Want to have a caring and connection relationship with your child.
  • Understand that implementing a routine is a family commitment
  • You are keen to have more fun and laughter in your daily routine
  • Are open to watching the video lessons and trying the strategies with your family
  • Are feeling overwhelmed with your current family life and want to find a better way
  • Happy with your current parenting routine and are keen to keep it thriving
  • Want to develop your child’s independence, self-esteem and sense of security.

It is not for you if:

  • Aren’t ready to make any changing in your life.
  • Think that your kids should just do what you when you say it.
  • Are not willing to support your child with the activity pack when necessary.

Do I need to use Mission Magnets to benefit from Mission Connect?

No. While I do highly recommend the use of a visual routine you don’t need to use Mission Magnets. The Mission Connect building blocks will show you the benefits of adding a visual routine, but it is just one of the tools in the Mission Positive Parenting framework.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There are no lock-in contracts.

If you do decide to cancel you will lose access to the membership site, the community and forfeit your current pricing agreement.

My life is already super busy. What if I don't have time to complete the activities with my child?

Mission Connect is designed for busy families.

The video lessons are short, actionable tips and tricks (5-10 minute videos)

Personal growth activities will only take a short time and I will provide everything you need including a parent information sheet with examples if needed.

Mission Connect is about weaving moments of connection into your everyday family life.

I want to take away the overwhelm not add to it!

What age range is Mission Connect suitable for?

I recommend 4-12 however we do have a few members that are 3 and they and love the colouring sheets, stickers and family activities.  All the content can be modified to be suitable your child’s understanding and development.  Younger children will just need a bit more guidance.

What if I have tried routines and charts before and they didn't work?

Routine Charts are just one of the many tools we explore. But having a routine is more than just putting some magnets on the fridge. While that may work for some families, others will need a more integrated approach. 

The Mission Connect building blocks will break down all the steps so you can easily and successfully not only add a visual routine but also nurture it and keep it thriving. Mission Connect allows you to set up a good foundation of connection, communication and co-operation.  Once this is established then using a visual tool is much more successful.  Some of our families don’t use visual routines and still find the content and information valuable for their families.

I am not on Facebook. Will I still have access to all the content?

Yes. All the video lessons will be posted in the Mission Connect website.

I will also post a recording of the Live Q&As and the Activity pack walk throughs.

However I do recommend joining the Facebook group so you can benefit from experience and sharing from the collective community. I do have some members that have created a private Facebook account so that they can get the benefit of the community without having to ‘being  on Facebook’.

I'm not ready to join at the moment. Can I join later?

Mission Connect will only be open for new members a few times a year.  This registration period ends Midnight June 20th 2021

So why not give it a go now and start your journey to a calm and happy home. If you decide it’s not for you cancelling it not an problem.  Joining now means you also will secure the current pricing.


You can join Mission Connect for as little as $19 per month (a cup of coffee a week) 

However for a small increase of only $3 you can receive a complete printed pack delivered to your door each month including the Mission Kids Stickers

Just about all our members choose the posted version as it means one less thing to do each month, they don’t need to worry about printing 17+ pages each month per child, it’s exciting for children to receive the pack in the mail AND the kids love the Mission Kids Stickers

(Please note the printed pack option also includes the digital version)


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